Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 1

I am writing this blog as a means to express my feelings about Narcolepsy. I am by no means a professional blogger, so my apologies for anything that looks goofy. Ok .. So here goes.

Today was a fairly good day. Despite being on a Ritalin free '"drug holiday" my husband was ok. I went to work and came home and he was playing with our son. The day went relatively smooth but as we began to discuss my concerns regarding his decision making as it pertains to his health, of course the tension mounts. By decisions I mean, making good food choices and trying to refrain from alcohol and street drugs. While I'm not an authority when it comes to narcolepsy, I do consider myself to be well informed on the impact nacolepsy has on cravings, portion control, metabolism, etc.. and I would have to say my most challenging experience is trying to get my husband to understand that his decisions affect the entire family. To nap or not to nap... to take meds, or eat full meals and then get behind the wheel..

Can anyone else relate